Too many students in Appalachia do not consider attending college despite their potential. Too many students in our rural public schools say they plan to apply to college but never do. Fewer adults in western North Carolina earn college degrees than the national average. We believe that education has the power to transform lives, and that every student in Appalachia deserves the opportunity to attain a college degree.  

 Individual advising for students fosters real results. Students who received support from a College Advising Corps Adviser were 30% more likely to apply to college.The Appalachian College Advising Corps, established in 2019 through a partnership with Appalachian State University, is hiring recent Appalachian graduates to help first-generation, underrepresented, and low-income students get to and succeed in college and beyond. Serve with us!

About Us

About Us

College Advising Corps works in high schools across the country to increase the number of low-income, first generation college, and underrepresented students who enter and complete higher education.

What We Do

What We Do

Appalachian Advising Corps serves high school students throughout western North Carolina and helps to make a path to postsecondary success for the students we serve.

Our Advisers

Our Advisers

Appalachian College Advising Corps recruits and trains recent graduates to serve as advisers in partner schools throughout western North Carolina. Our advisers serve as near-peer mentors to high school students.

About the Program


Perspectives - How to Effectively Engage Parents and Families
Feb 26, 2021

When a student is considering their options for college, in most cases, they will have that conversation with their parents, due to the fact that they have their best interest at heart, so they are automatically the ones who will help them make that decision. So how important is it to engage the families of the students who are transitioning from high school to their post-secondary plans? 

Advisers Perspective: Lila Sheon
Feb 18, 2021

“FAFSA State Champs!” our principal proudly hailed at an end-of-year staff meeting last year. While not entirely true, I am proud to say that Mountain Heritage had one of the highest FAFSA completion rates in the state last year, especially for a small, rural school. This did not happen overnight or by accident, but rather through years of trial and error in creating a college-going culture that I am fortunate to have helped create.

“Likes” in the Time of Cholera (Or Covid. Or Swine Flu. Or SARS. Or…)
Jan 5, 2021

Each morning, when I get to the school, the first ten or so minutes of my work day are spent scrolling through Instagram. In a barrage of posts, there’s typically one or two that I will share to the ACHS Advising story (@ACHS_Advising, if you’re curious) for my students and a couple more that I will save and look at later to see how I can rework the idea for the College Advising Corps.

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