Phoebe Thompson

What advice would you give a high school student preparing for postsecondary education?

-Don't undersell yourself.
-You don't have to have everything figured out right this instant--it's great to make a plan, but leave room for change and growth
-If something even remotely sparks your interest, try it! Keep your mind open, because you could find something you really love.
-Your future self will thank you for this hard work!
-Home will be right here where you left it.

What is something about yourself that people would find interesting?

I am a little bit psychic.There have been many instances in which I somehow knew that something was going to happen before it happened. It's nothing I can control, but interesting nonetheless. Ask me for stories!

What do you claim as your hometown?

Whipple, OH

What do you hope to do professionally following your work with CAC?

I'd like to continue in the field of college access, probably obtaining a Master's degree in school counseling and moving on to work directly in a school or with a non-profit organization just like this one!

Department: Andrews/Hiwassee Dam

Email address: Email me