Interview Experience - Tiffany Patterson & Abraham Howell

Tiffany Patterson, Franklin High School

In early October, I was interviewed by two different news outlets in Franklin: Franklin Press and The Southern Scoop. Both of these interviews were wonderful, and I was asked a wide variety of questions ranging from my own personal experiences with my journey to college to why it’s important for students to have a CAC advisor at their school. I’ve only been a college advisor for a few short months, but doing these interviews made me realize the importance of my job and the impact that I have already made on my students. After the interviews were published, I had so many parents reach out to me who had questions about the CAC program itself and also questions surrounding how they can best support their students in college-goingness in the future. It was awesome to see the difference the two interviews made on the community awareness of the program and how appreciative parents and families are to hear that there are outside resources that they can exhaust when helping their kids plan for life after high school. I really do hope that other college advisors get the same type of opportunity in the future to share their own experiences and success with outside resources and help to make their communities aware of how awesome this program is for high school students.

Abraham Howell, Brevard High School

On Oct. 26th, Kevin Smith, Community Relations Staff for Transylvania County, invited me to be a part of a virtual podcast interview for the Transylvania County School System (TCSYesRadio). This interview was a great introduction of myself and ACAC to the school community, and Kevin was surprised to hear that I was a new resource available to students and curious about CAC as a program. I enjoyed Kevin’s energy during the interview, and the flow of the podcast style made it easier and more entertaining than sitting for a newspaper article or a phone interview. Being able to introduce myself in such a public way to the school community was an enormous benefit. Due to gathering restrictions and limited in-person school time, it was a challenge to make my presence known to students, staff, and families; however, joining Kevin on the podcast not only opened up new connections for my position, it also shows the effort and drive of the school district in wanting more accessibility to college and career opportunities for their students. I’m proud to be working for ACAC in Transylvania County at Brevard High School where I can be an example and a guide for underrepresented students who want to go to college or pursue other post-secondary options after high school.

Published: Nov 20, 2020 9:26am