Ashley Bingman, Adviser Mitchell HS

Creating Your Own Path
Nov 18, 2022

Coming from a family history of virtually no one having pursued postsecondary education, I felt a desire to get a headstart on my college career. By m...

Peyton Johnson

Mental Health and College Access
Nov 11, 2022

During my undergraduate degree, I studied psychology. A constant theme throughout all of my classes was that everything in a person’s life flows fro...

Brenda Valdez, Adviser at McDowell High School

A Full Circle Moment
Sep 23, 2022

I grew up a Latina in a predominantly white community. Like many other people of color, I faced daily struggles due to the identities I held. Finding ...

Alex Rangel, CAC Adviser Alexander Central HS

How Advising Guided Me
Sep 9, 2022

I attended the orientation for my master’s program last week. I was sitting in an auditorium observing, and as I looked around at all the other stud...

Navigating College Access Barriers for Students in Foster Care
Apr 22, 2022

I have had the privilege of serving as the Appalachian College Advising Corps Adviser at Marjorie Williams Academy (Williams) for nearly two years. Wi...

I am my brother’s keeper: A journey of resilience
Apr 1, 2022

“I am my brother’s keeper!”, the phrase that was echoed throughout a room filled with black and brown young men that possessed hunger, dedicatio...

The Perks of Community College
Mar 24, 2022

Photo: Like many students in rural Appalachia, Molly had responsibilities at home, such as caring for her farm animals. This made Mayland Community Co...

Scoring All Zeros
Mar 18, 2022

Photo: Jacob Morgan during his high school yearsScoring all zeros on a FAFSA is a strange, bittersweet feeling. Initially, you see that score, a perfe...

Thriving in the Unexpected
Mar 1, 2022

So your prospective job is asking you to move to a new place? That place being somewhere that is miles from your close friends and family? I’m sure ...

Partnering with Counselors

Partnering with Counselors
Feb 10, 2022

Becoming a college adviser can be a little scary at times, even with the full support from our fellow colleagues and supervisors. It may feel a bit lo...