Thom Young

What advice would you give a high school student preparing for postsecondary education?

To know their strengths and be willing to take a risk. Generally, college entails some financial risk. It would be realistic to be pragmatic about that, because I know so many students who felt tricked by counselors in high school ignoring the cost of education.

What is something about yourself that people would find interesting?

I would say my writing but I work very hard to keep my careers split as they do not have any overlap in my mind. So, maybe the vegan thing? Or else that I have edited magazines in the past. People tend to ask a lot about that for some reason.

What do you claim as your hometown?

Asheville NC

What do you hope to do professionally following your work with CAC?

I have interest in clinical social work, but also in school administration and curriculum development.

Department: Wilkes Central

Email address: Email me